Will The Mechahopzilla Can Change?

So I ran across some news this morning in my email, the title was:

Godzilla Creator Attacks Brewery Over ‘Mechahopzilla’ Beer

Apparently, Toho Co. Ltd, the company that owns the rights to Godzilla, and his mechanized counterpart Mechagodzilla is not happy about NOLA Brewery’s use of Mechagodzilla’s similar likeness on cans, packaging, and advertising on Mechahopzilla.  The brewery was hit with a lawsuit in Louisiana federal court Friday.

“Defendant has used the virtually identical Mechahopzilla mark and the appearance of its Mechahopzilla character, which is substantially similar to Toho’s Mechagodzilla, to attract public attention, to take advantage of the goodwill and public familiarity with the Mechagodzilla character, and to create an association in the minds of customers that its product is somehow affiliated with, or sponsored, endorsed or sanctioned by, Toho,” the complaint said.

The suit seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, a post-injunction compliance report, an order that all packaging for the beer be destroyed, and an order for damages according to proof.

I hope the two companies can settle this one out of court, and the can won’t change, because personally, it’s one of my favorites.  I guess we’ll wait and see what happens…