Blue Pants Brewery Rolling Out to Louisiana!


Being from Alabama, and with the explosion of breweries in Alabama, I’ve often wondered which brewery would make it to Louisiana first…  I heard through the grapevine that Blue Pants Brewery, out of Madison, Alabama, would coming to Louisiana soon, so I contacted them, and the news is true!  They started distribution in New Orleans in  the middle of August, and are starting Baton Rouge distribution as early as the end of this week!   Last year they produced 1,200 barrels of beer and will surpass 5,000 this year.  They started bottling 12 oz. bottles in 2013 and bottle out big and tall barrel aged beers in 22 oz. bottles such as their bourbon barrel wee heavy.

The initial New Orleans roll-out will be draft only and their plan is in another couple of months to begin sending their 12 oz. bottle offerings in six packs and four packs.  The first two styles in New Orleans now are their flagship Knickerbocker Red Ale and their Oktoberfest.  Next month they look to follow with their Tuxedo Black IPA, and their Pinstripe Coffee Stout in November.  Blue Pants has several Barrel Aged beers that are in their portfolio as limited releases, so I’m hoping that they’ll make it here soon as well.

Kudos to Blue Pants, and welcome to Louisiana!

Click on the Images below to read about the beers planned for the roll-out to Louisiana!

To visit their website, click on the Pants above!