NOLA Brewing to Release First Lager!


New Orleans Lager and Ale (NOLA) Brewing to Release First Lager

Six Years After Producing Successful Ales, NOLA Brewing is Launching a Dunkel Lager


New Orleans, LA (August 11, 2015):  Six years after its founding, New Orleans Lager and Ale (NOLA) Brewing Co. is living up to its name. NOLA Brewing will launch their first lager, Darkest Before Dawn, on September 1st, 2015.

“We are finally reaching production levels that allow us to age our beer in fermenters for the longer period of time needed to produce quality lagers,” Kirk Coco, CEO and owner of NOLA Brewing, says. “This dark lager is the perfect Fall beer for New Orleans because it is crisp and light enough to handle our warm weather, but satisfies that seasonal craving for a dark roasted beer.”


NOLA Brewing’s first lager will be a Munich Dunkel, a dark European lager that is a deep dark copper to brown color. Brewed with predominantly German Munich malts and a small amount of caramel and dark roasted barley, this beer will have a rich, malty aroma with a hint of sweet chocolate. This lager will not be a hoppy beer and the malt shines through on the tongue. Darkest Before Dawn will have an ABV between 5 and 5.5 percent.


“We decided to name our first lager ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ to signify the city’s resilience and ability to move forward and not look back since we are launching it near the 10 year anniversary of Katrina,” says Coco. “There is also the connection with the city’s forays of late-night drinking and walking out of a dark establishment and the sun is up.”


Darkest Before Dawn will be NOLA Brewing’s Fall Seasonal this year and should be available through the end of December. The NOLA Brewing Tap Room will serve the lager on September 1, 2015 to patrons. Like all of NOLA’s seasonals, it will then be available in craft beer bars throughout Louisiana in draught.


NOLA Brewing’s year-round beers NOLA Blonde, NOLA Brown, Hopitoulas, 7th Street Wheat, Rebirth Pale Ale, Irish Channel Stout and Mecha are also available.




Nola Brewing Company crafts beer for introductory craft beer drinkers AND the experienced craft beer lover. The company’s passion for quality and crafting beers that they themselves want to drink translates into great-tasting beers, made from choice malts and hops brewed with over 30 years of experience. However, the company goes beyond just developing great beers. Heavily entrenched as a thread in the fabric of New Orleans, NOLA Brewing Company brews a cultural experience within each glass. NOLA Brewing is located at 3001 Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans, LA and can be found at, and on and is @NOLABrewing on Instagram and Twitter.